Day eight: Lille

Today was a great day. We drove to Lille early this morning. Our housts are truly amazing. After they showed us around in their apartment and pointed out good busking spots on a map, we went to the centrum of the city.


I busked at two different spots today. The people here are really supportive. Once again, I got an audience and a lot of applause. It was a really fun day.


There was also a stranger on a bicycle, creating a good vibe and cheering people up with his bell. 


After all the playing and singing, we went out for dinner and had a delicious pizza.

Now we're back at the Airbnb and it's time for a relaxing movie!

Tomorrow we're going to Bruges. No camping this time either. For our last night of this trip, we're staying with my lovely friend Lotte.

I truly can't wait.


Lots of love,